Tales From The Basement

by Fall Children

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released August 14, 2019

Vocals/Guitar-Sasha Guleff
Bass-Luca Szabo
Guitar-John Slinkert


all rights reserved



Fall Children Ukiah, California

Fall Children is a punk rock group from Ukiah, CA thats pissed off at the outlook on basic human rights and in so takes up Punk Rock as an outlet to spread the word. The music itself has a lot of influence from early hardcore, classic rock, ska, skate punk, and thrash. ... more

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Track Name: 28 Glacier Peak
28 Glacier Peak where she lost her sanity
28 Glacier Peak where life wasn’t meant to be
28 Glacier Peak looks past everything meaning
28 Glacier Peak is gone

Screams from upstairs no no one is gonna bat an eye
Holes in doors that were freshly punched out

28 Glacier Peak how life isn’t supposed to be
28 Glacier Peak cries for you it cries for me
28 Glacier Peak diet snapples water stream
28 Glacier Peak it’s apart of you it’s apart of me
It’s apart of you deep inside of me

Lying naked shoving through your minds thoughts
Deliriously looking at the time on the clock
Memories drive me wild I try to sit on the couch
If you open the door a little part of you dies

28 Glacier Peak it’s apart of you it’s apart of me
28 Glacier Peak it’s apart of you it’s apart of me
28 Glacier Peak it’s apart of you it’s apart of me
28 Glacier Peak it’s apart of you it’s apart of me
It’s apart of you deep inside of me
Track Name: Administration
Educations fornication for administration without lives
Stripped off ripped off based on bias simply to despise
It’s not alright

And most instructors they really don’t care at all
There salaries the same there is no claim to fame so

Fight till you get it and prove them they’re wrong
Use valid evidence and use it to bear arms
You’re also a human not part of the pack
Don’t change your ideals develop them back

State testing late resting but I don’t think that that is enough
What push I don’t feel it I can never get in if i want
It’s all a fucking scam

They say it’s part of life and we just have to move on
If i can’t apply it now so what’s it when i’m gone? So

Education’s blatant in administration
The teachers don’t like talking to administration
The students don’t like to talk to administration
No one fucking likes administration
Track Name: BM Eucalyptus
I Don’t see why 9/11 is so funny cuz if it was your mom you wouldn’t be laughing
And I don’t see why the holocaust is a joke cuz what if it was your ass that got beat up and turned into smoke

They Never Laughed They Cried

Picture of a girl mimicking a gun on the columbine floor but it’s not PC to angrily call her a whore
And while the concentration camps in Russia are Killing we are all worried about who the kardashians are kissing

Cut the Eucalyptus Branch
Cut cut cut cut cut cut fuck me up
Track Name: In The Basement
Sit down
The dust in my eyes makes it hard to see
I’m looking at the mold all over the ceiling
And wonder why the idiot keeps hitting his head
We all fall salve while we go to sleep
The monsters in our heads and it goes

Whoa! The monsters in our heads and it goes

So i’m standing in the basement I got nothing to do
But to wait for phone calls living up from you
You’re all the way down there I’m all the way up here
But I don’t really fucking care ‘cuz your words go through my ears
And she’s faded yeah and she’s and she’s losing yeah
I can’t help her but you can see me fight
How many times will I keep on seeing the monsters in my head it goes

So i’m standing in the basement wrapped in fabric and sweat
Feels like walls are growing closer can’t tell how close they get
And I'm having problems with my problems that aren’t mine
While i’m trying not to break but I do it all the time
And I’m cracking yeah and I’m tearing out
And I’m stuck in here you can hear me shout
How many times will I keep on raising the monsters in my head it goes
Track Name: Chechnya Resort
Let’s go to chechnya little town of Russia another scapegoat is in progress
Jew part two aremnian part three the hootoos and the tootsies don’t remember a thing

The crumbling storm the family’s all torn eighty years denial doesn’t change
Because of the sex it’s common to regret but the Russian’s haven’t been one’s to take blame

They died and they don’t know why
All covered in lice they got no life
And you can’t see what they are seeing
Stripped by the light it’s there last night

The crumbling storm the family’s all torn 80 years denial don’t make sense
Difference of location political relations are in support of what will happen next
The crumbling storm the family’s all torn but because of the sex they don’t regret
We’ve seen this all before, so what’s the solution bomb Syria create North Korean Confusion
Track Name: Grimm
Your stupid face your stupid hair
Throughout the years I never really fucking cared
Your lack of passion your apparent self
Your late reactions I never gave a fuck at all

Your cracking as your faking
There’s no point your making
He’s driving you crazy
Do you like it when he calls you lady

Fuck you fuck him get a room and let him make you eat his dick
Your lack of passion is a living hell
Fell down one thousand stories as the wind picked up she fell

She’s fucked up while she’s cuming
She’ll do just about anything
Just to feel arms around her
Everything went away with the nest thing she had

Her future’s looking grimm
Track Name: Drenched Cheek
Stop yourself you just don't have to
Ruin someone's life yeah fuck you
Fuck your lack of a moral compass
Fuck you fuckers that all fuck the hopelessEverything you hate is in the news
Why do you support the idiots that refuse
It's all our faults on the social justice plane
We've talked this over for years and still we rape

The women the children have it all
Bottled up inside of them society is about to fall
I do't care if it's all we fucking know
It's scary out there and we can help them all

My actions are controlled by myself
My thoughts won't appeal to a society
Don't disregard an uncomfortable feeling
It's scary and we have to listen to speak

Right Now

Save yourself shut the fuck up
Look right in the mirror and just shut up
You're not an animal we're all developed
Reproduction is not yours to envelope
Track Name: Stay Out Of That Personal Space
I smile and go to sleep wake up and I just don’t know
‘Cuz when I get up all I see is heavy blood flow

It keeps on coming, it keeps on running

I look into the mirror queasy I’m sick to my stomach
I haven’t eaten drinken water no my brain is giving up

It keeps on coming, and she can see it
Track Name: Kill All Those Fucking Wolves
They’re in your suburban neighborhood backyards they’re
Coming in your schools running after your cars
They’re sharper than ever they’re even bearing arms
Rid of them while they sleep cuz that’ll do no harm

Wo-oh-ohlves kill all those fucking

They’re climbing up your ladders standing on hind legs you
Better bar your windows cuz they’re coming in your bed
Did I forget to tell you about potential grizzly attack
You better get a gun before you end up dead

Watch them as they sleep never wake again
I’ll sit down and eat and point a gun to it’s head

This political climate is not a common phase
Cuz we have to do whatever krusty the klown says
1,460 fucking days
But don’t forget about the wolves remember all of them are crazed
Track Name: Soldiers Of The NRA
I’ve never had a problem with self defense involving your gun
A weapon of destruction that’s turned into a game of fun
Now I never once ask for you to lose your arms son
But just because you’re packing don’t mean that you’re the shit

You’re a soldier and you’ve been drafted for the NRA

Fuck you motherfuckers that use your first amendment just to lie
And i;m tired of your second amendment shit that you use just to
I get it you need a gun to defend yourself from the government
Well if you’re gonna shoo them just use your fucking fists

As of January 21st 2018 1,049 innocent lives have been lost to gun shots nationwide 279 guns have been found at the crime scenes 169 of which have been illegally obtained by an unknown cause.
So then it begs the question.
When will this shit ever end.
I look at Parkland Sandy Hook UCLA and I think to myself this shit will never fucking end.

The NRA makes racist claims
“Black Friday Matters” on the shooting range
Once another day but nobody can say how much of this shit gets in the way
Shoot him right now shoot him right now while you got the chance while you got the bullets in
Shoot him right now shoot him right now while you’re in the space while you’re in control
While you’re on top of the building with the gunshots streaming down on the cops and more
It’s just that way when they get in your way, it's not your time to stop anymore
It never ends, it never ends somebody please tell me when it’s going to end
It never ends it never ends
Will somebody tell me when it ends
But this shit never fucking ends

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